Fan Control

Fan Control 1.2

Cool down your MacBook (Pro)


  • Keeps auto fan speed control intact
  • Set speed and thresholds


  • Can be difficult to calibrate

Very good
Can you hear your MacBook's fan whirring a bit too loud? This means that your Mac is overheating and that you are putting too much strain on it. This can be caused by applications that use up a lot of your computer's resources or is simply the result of having your Mac on for too much time.

Fan Control lets you adjust your fan's speed and thresholds to adapt it best to your Mac's current temperature. Thanks to sliders, you can set the lower and upper thresholds and base speed. A graph on the right of the interface shows you the speed to temperature ratio. If you move the different settings around, you'll see it adapts, never passing the original automatic fan speed.

Although it might be a bit difficult to tell which speed and thresholds are right for you, you can try out a few settings and see if your fan stops making sounds.

Fan Control is a handy preferences pane which allows you to adjust fan speed and thresholds to your MacBook's temperature.

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Fan Control


Fan Control 1.2

User reviews about Fan Control

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    Seemed like a nice concept and it really kept my temperatures down ...   More

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